Jamie's Notes


Who doesn’t love a good list, right?

Here’s the books that I have read since 2012. This pile of books, making some sensible assumptions about page and cover thickness, would be just short of fifteen meters tall. That’s the height of the Hollywood sign, or three giraffes.

Currently reading:


  1. The Amber Spyglass, by Phillip Pullman
  2. Serotonin, by Michel Houellebecq
  3. Around the World in 80 Days, by Michael Palin
  4. Submission, by Michel Houllebecq
  5. Rendezvous With Rama, by Arthur C. Clarke
  6. Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker
  7. Whatever, by Michel Houllebecq
  8. Platform, by Michel Houllebecq
  9. Dune, by Frank Herbert
  10. Erebus: The Story of a Ship, by Michael Palin
  11. Edge of Eternity, by Ken Follett
  12. The Voyeur’s Hotel, by Gay Talese
  13. The Nickel Boys, by Colson Whitehead
  14. Disclosure, by Michael Crichton
  15. Fleishman is in Trouble, by Taffy Brodesser-Akbar
  16. Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon
  17. The Forge of God, by Greg Bear
  18. The Corrections, by Jonathan Franzen
  19. A Wizard of Earthsea, by Ursula K. Le Guin
  20. The Institute, by Stephen King
  21. Redhead by the Side of the Road, by Anne Tyler
  22. Pilgrims, by Matthew Kneele
  23. Elevator Pitch, by Linwood Barclay
  24. Two Tribes, by Chris Beckett
  25. Exhalation, by Ted Chiang
  26. The End of Alice, by A.M. Homes
  27. Bring up the Bodies, by Hilary Mantel
  28. Nottingham, by Nathan Makaryk
  29. Us, by David Nicholls


  1. Maigret & the Headless Corpse, by Georges Simenon
  2. The Girl With All the Gifts, by M.R. Carey
  3. 11.22.63, by Stephen King
  4. Lawrence in Arabia, by Scott Anderson
  5. Made for Love, by Alissa Nutting
  6. Elevation, by Stephen King
  7. The Outsider, by Stephen King
  8. The Chimp Paradox, by Steve Peters
  9. Fatherland, by Robert Harris
  10. Munich, by Robert Harris
  11. The Hellbound Heart, by Clive Barker
  12. Digital Minimalism, by Cal Newport
  13. The Scarlett Gospels, by Clive Barker
  14. Middle England, by Jonathan Coe
  15. Dominion, by CJ Samson
  16. Asymmetry, by Lisa Halliday
  17. The Handmaids Tail, by Margaret Atwood
  18. Time and Again, by Jack Finney
  19. The Silence of the Girls, by Pat Barker
  20. Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel
  21. The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, by David Mitchell
  22. Microadventures, by Alistair Humphries
  23. The Farm, by Joanne Ramos
  24. Supermarket, by Bobby Hall
  25. The Art of Noticing, by Rob Walker
  26. Sphere, by Michael Crichton
  27. Timeline, by Michael Crichton
  28. A Legacy of Spies, by John Le Carre
  29. The Great Alone, by Kristin Hannah
  30. Hyperion, by Dan Simmons
  31. The Wanderers, by Chuck Wendig
  32. The Heart Goes Last, by Margaret Atwood
  33. Theft by Finding, by David Sedaris
  34. Machines Like Me, by Iain McEwan
  35. Kane and Abel, by Jeffrey Archer
  36. The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman
  37. The Subtle Knife, by Philip Pullman


  1. Sleeping Beauties, by Stephen King
  2. Fire and Fury, by Michael Wolff
  3. Alias Grace, by Margaret Atwood
  4. The Diary of a Nobody, by Weedon Grossmith
  5. It, by Stephen King
  6. The Power, by Naomi Alderman
  7. Under the Skin, by Michel Faber
  8. Just One Dammed Thing After Another, by Jodi Taylor
  9. Luna: New Moon, by Ian McDonald
  10. The Reluctant Fundamentalist, by Moshin Hamid
  11. Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson
  12. I Lucifer, by Glen Duncan
  13. Red Sparrow, by Jason Matthews
  14. Prisoners of Geography@, by Tim Marshall
  15. The Midnight Gang, by David Walliams
  16. Valley Of the Dolls, by Jacqueline Susann
  17. The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, by Haruki Murakami
  18. Concrete Island, by JG Ballard
  19. The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett
  20. The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg
  21. Lessons for Life, by Jordan Peterson
  22. Kafka on the Shore, by Haruki Murakami
  23. Children of Time, by Adrian Tchaikovsky
  24. The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, by Stuart Turnton
  25. Convenience Store Woman, by Sayaka Murata
  26. Putney, by Sofka Zinovieff
  27. Pirate Latitudes, by Michael Crichton
  28. Salvation, by Peter F Hamilton
  29. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, by Gail Honeyman
  30. Killing Commendatore, by Haruki Murakami
  31. House of Holes, by Nicholson Baker
  32. Dissolution, by CJ Sansom
  33. The Stand, by Stephen King
  34. Tampa, by Alissa Nutting
  35. Why We Get The Wrong Politicians, by Isabel Hardman
  36. Lethal White, by Robert Gabraith
  37. Innocents, by Cathy Coote
  38. Beneath a Scarlet Sky, by Mark Sullivan
  39. Bear Town, by Fredrik Backman


  1. The Fireman, by Joe Hill
  2. Utopia for Realists, by Rutger Bregman
  3. The Revenge of Analog, by David Sax
  4. Aurora, by Kim Stanley Robinson
  5. Thank You Jeeves, by P.G. Wodehouse
  6. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, by J.K. Rowling
  7. Broken Angels: Takeshi Kovacs 2, by Richard K. Morgan
  8. Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer
  9. Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World+, by Niall Ferguson
  10. The Blunders of Our Governments+, by Anthony King
  11. A Night Without Stars, by Peter F. Hamilton
  12. Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown
  13. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, by Yuval Noah Harari
  14. Stories of Your Life and Others, by Ted Chiang
  15. New York 2140, by Kim Stanley Robinson
  16. Tell No One, by Harlan Coben
  17. The Steel Remains, by Richard K. Morgan
  18. What If?:, by Randall Munroe
  19. Along Came a Spider: Alex Cross 1, by James Patterson
  20. A Dangerous Fortune, by Ken Follett
  21. The Shack, by William Paul Young
  22. Eye of the Needle, by Ken Follett
  23. The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  24. The Key to Rebecca, by Ken Follett
  25. Getting Things Done, by David Allen
  26. Adventures of the Wishing Chair, by Enid Blyton
  27. World Without End: Kingsbridge 2, by Ken Follett
  28. Winter of the World, by Ken Follett
  29. The Wicked Boy, by Kate Summerscale
  30. The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, by How They Communicate
  31. The Circle, by Dave Eggers
  32. A Short History of England, by Simon Jenkins
  33. Still Life, by Louise Penny
  34. The Woman in Cabin 10, by Ruth Ware
  35. IT, by Stephen King
  36. A History of Britain, by Simon Schama
  37. The Keeper of Lost Causes, by Jussi Adler-Olsen
  38. A Column of Fire, by Ken Follett
  39. A Life Discarded, by Alexander Masters
  40. Money, by Martin Amis
  41. Homo Deus, by Yuval Noah Harrari
  42. Red Rising, by Pierce Brown
  43. Loosing my Virginity@, by Richard Branson
  44. Golden Son, by Pierce Brown
  45. Finding My Virginity, by Richard Branson
  46. The Very First Damned Thing@, by Jodie Taylor
  47. Mythos@, by Stephen Fry
  48. Crosstalk, by Connie Willis
  49. Solving the Procrastination Puzzle, by Timothy Pychyl
  50. A Study in Scarlet, by Arthur Conan Doyle
  51. SPQR, by Mary Beard


  1. Agatha Raisin and the Wellspring of Death, by M.C. Beaton
  2. Weaveworld, by Clive Barker
  3. Armada, by Ernest Cline
  4. Beacon 23: The Complete Novel, by Hugh Howey
  5. NOS4A2, by Joe Hill
  6. Out, by Natsuo Kirino
  7. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, by J.K. Rowling
  8. Outliers: The Story of Success, by Malcolm Gladwell
  9. Deep Work, by Cal Newport
  10. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by J.K. Rowling
  11. The Three-Body Problem, by Liu Cixin
  12. Annihilation, by Jeff VanderMeer
  13. Altered Carbon, by Richard K. Morgan
  14. By Light Alone, by Adam Roberts
  15. Dubliners, by James Joyce
  16. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, by J.K. Rowling
  17. The Bees, by Laline Paull
  18. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, by J.K. Rowling
  19. The Grace of Kings, by Ken Liu
  20. Carrion Comfort, by Dan Simmons
  21. The British General Election of 2015, by Philip Cowley
  22. The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, by Claire North
  23. The Deep, by Nick Cutter
  24. The Suspect, by John Lescroart
  25. The Blade Artist@, by Irvine Welsh
  26. Metro 2033, by Dmitry Glukhovsky
  27. The Running Man, by Richard Bachman
  28. Career of Evil, by Robert Galbraith
  29. Authority, by Jeff VanderMeer
  30. The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption, by Clay A. Johnson
  31. The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, by Natasha Pulley
  32. The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien
  33. London Bridges, by James Patterson
  34. A Darker Shade of Magic, by V.E. Schwab
  35. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by J.K. Rowling
  36. The House of Commons: An Anthropology of MPs at Work, by Emma Crewe
  37. The Camel Club, by David Baldacci
  38. Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, by Haruki Murakami
  39. American Psycho, by Bret Easton Ellis
  40. The Black Cloud, by Fred Hoyle
  41. The Road to Little Dribbling, by Bill Bryson
  42. A Journey: My Political Life, by Tony Blair
  43. The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, by Becky Chambers
  44. The End of the Party: The Rise and Fall of New Labour, by Andrew Rawnsley
  45. Dark Matter, by Blake Crouch


  1. Revival, by Stephen King
  2. Leviathan Wakes, by James S.A. Corey
  3. Atonement, by Ian McEwan
  4. Steelheart, by Brandon Sanderson
  5. All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr
  6. The Bone Clocks, by David Mitchell
  7. The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins
  8. The Abyss Beyond Dreams, by Peter F. Hamilton
  9. All That Is Solid Melts into Air, by Darragh McKeon
  10. Imajica, by Clive Barker
  11. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky
  12. Wolf in White Van, by John Darnielle
  13. Do No Harm: Stories of Life Death and Brain Surgery, by Henry Marsh
  14. Caliban’s War: The Expanse #2, by James S.A. Corey
  15. Leaves on the Wind, by Zack Whedon
  16. Seveneves, by Neal Stephenson
  17. The Falling Woman, by Pat Murphy
  18. Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan
  19. Endymion: Hyperion Cantos #3, by Dan Simmons
  20. The Fall of Hyperion: Hyperion Cantos #2, by Dan Simmons
  21. The Lathe of Heaven, by Ursula K. Le Guin
  22. Little Big, by John Crowley
  23. Private Island: How the UK Was Sold, by James Meek
  24. The Establishment: And How They Get Away with It, by Owen Jones
  25. Dune, by Frank Herbert
  26. Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan
  27. Summer of Night, by Dan Simmons
  28. vN, by Madeline Ashby
  29. Lunar Park, by Bret Easton Ellis
  30. Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel
  31. The Innovators, by Walter Isaacson
  32. Watchers, by Dean Koontz
  33. The Damnation Game, by Clive Barker
  34. Alex & Ada Vol. 1, by Jonathan Luna


  1. The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green
  2. The Cuckoo’s Calling, by Robert Galbraith
  3. An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, by Chris Hadfield
  4. The Sorcerer’s House, by Gene Wolfe
  5. Shift, by Hugh Howey
  6. The Knife of Never Letting Go, by Patrick Ness
  7. Words of Radiance, by Brandon Sanderson
  8. Monsters of Men, by Patrick Ness
  9. Darkly Dreaming Dexter, by Jeff Lindsay
  10. The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson
  11. Detroit: An American Autopsy, by Charlie LeDuff
  12. Content, by Cory Doctorow
  13. Half a King, by Joe Abercrombie
  14. Divergent, by Veronica Roth
  15. Looking for Alaska, by John Green
  16. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, by Hunter S. Thompson
  17. An Abundance of Katherines, by John Green
  18. Blood Meridian, by Cormac McCarthy
  19. The Secret History, by Donna Tartt
  20. Mr. Mercedes, by Stephen King
  21. The Silkworm, by Robert Galbraith
  22. Paper Towns, by John Green
  23. We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart
  24. The Ask and the Answer, by Patrick Ness
  25. Let the Right One In, by John Ajvide Lindqvist
  26. Alif the Unseen, by G. Willow Wilson
  27. The Golem and the Jinni, by Helene Wecker
  28. Quite Ugly One Morning, by Christopher Brookmyre
  29. A Fine Dark Line, by Joe R. Lansdale
  30. A Time to Kill, by John Grisham
  31. A Canticle for Leibowitz, by Walter M. Miller
  32. The Firm, by John Grisham
  33. Stealing Light, by Gary Gibson
  34. The Girl Who Played with Fire, by Stieg Larsson
  35. Gardens of the Moon, by Steven Erikson
  36. The Martian, by Andy Weir
  37. The Last Policeman, by Ben H. Winters
  38. The Maze Runner, by James Dashner
  39. Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn
  40. Ilium, by Dan Simmons
  41. Hitch-22: A Memoir, by Christopher Hitchens
  42. Chasm City, by Alastair Reynolds


  1. The Shining, by Stephen King
  2. The Long Earth, by Terry Pratchett
  3. Gridlock, by Ben Elton
  4. The Dice Man, by Luke Rhinehart
  5. The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan
  6. The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern
  7. Going Clear, by Lawrence Wright
  8. The Eyes of the Dragon, by Stephen King
  9. Microserfs, by Douglas Coupland
  10. A Shadow in Summer, by Daniel Abraham
  11. The Hand That First Held Mine, by Maggie O’Farrell
  12. Needful Things, by Stephen King
  13. Rivers of London, by Ben Aaronovitch
  14. Moon Over Soho, by Ben Aaronovitch
  15. Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card
  16. The Eye of the World, by Robert Jordan
  17. Bad Monkey, by Carl Hiaasen
  18. Wool Omnibus, by Hugh Howey
  19. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, by Stephen King
  20. Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk
  21. Carrie, by Stephen King
  22. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs
  23. The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch
  24. The Ocean at the End of the Lane, by Neil Gaiman
  25. Call the Midwife, by Jennifer Worth
  26. Koko, by Peter Straub
  27. Joyland, by Stephen King
  28. Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, by Robin Sloan
  29. Intrusion, by Ken MacLeod
  30. Doctor Sleep, by Stephen King
  31. Fool Moon, by Jim Butcher


  1. The House of Silk, by Anthony Horowitz
  2. Zone One, by Colson Whitehead
  3. Dream Park, by Larry Niven
  4. Equations of Life, by Simon Morden
  5. Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline
  6. 2312, by Kim Stanley Robinson
  7. Before I Go to Sleep, by S.J. Watson
  8. The Sense of an Ending, by Julian Barnes
  9. Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson
  10. Contact, by Carl Sagan
  11. The Wind Through the Keyhole, by Stephen King
  12. Brother Odd, by Dean Koontz
  13. Freedom, by Daniel Suarez
  14. How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe, by Charles Yu
  15. Eye in the Sky, by Philip K. Dick
  16. The Kings of Eternity, by Eric Brown
  17. The Cold Dish, by Craig Johnson
  18. 11/22/63, by Stephen King
  19. Hide Me Among the Graves, by Tim Powers
  20. Daemon, by Daniel Suarez
  21. The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells
  22. Redshirts, by John Scalzi
  23. 77 Shadow Street, by Dean Koontz
  24. I Robot, by Isaac Asimov
  25. Pure, by Julianna Baggott
  26. My Lobotomy, by Howard Dully
  27. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, by Truman Capote
  28. House of Flowers, by Truman Capote
  29. Great North Road, by Peter F. Hamilton